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Business plan for Innovator VISA. (Tier 1 UK). 

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Why PlanWriter?

We have a very strong case history, to date over 3,000 plans of ours have been approved the home office and we believe that we have a strong understanding of what makes a plan 'approvable'. Above this, we believe our USP lies in the following services. 

  • All our plans come with our quality guarantee.
  • We provide an unlimited review service, so the sign is never signed off until you are happy despite offering fixed fees.
  • We never use templates. Each plan is tailored to each business and client.

Why use a professional writer at all?

You might have in depth knowledge of the business you want to run but it is likely you do not know what exactly the Home Office is looking for when you apply for the Tier 1 visa. It is wise, therefore to engage professional business plan writers who have experience with innovators’ visas. This increases your chances of success getting your visa and then being able to begin your business in the UK.

Professional business plan writers have likely been in the field for a long time, and they have the experience on what the Visa office may require. For instance, the business plan covers the investment figures and how the money is going to be spent. Paying the innovator a salary may not count despite the fact that you are likely to need to take some money for yourself within one year of operation.

Most questions during the interview usually ask a lot about UK employment laws, which should also be covered in your business plan. If you engage an expert they can then include information that is relevant to the Home office to help your visa go through. It is important to make the business plan personal to ones specific business idea. Professional companies that help write business plans understand what the visa interviewers require and they can even be able to predict questions that you may be asked during the interview, Including this information, where relevant, in the business plan is huge plus for an applicant. You can then read through the business plan to master all the information that may be requested by the visa officers. It also gives a better knowledge of the relevance of one’s business to the laws and regulations of the UK economy.

Consulting a professional when creating your business plan may allow you to expand on the ideas you have, and will likely ensure your ideas and plans are well written so that they are clearly understood. It also breaks much of the language barrier. Involvement of professional business plan writers can be part of the market research. Some of them have a better understanding of their market than the innovator who is not living in the UK. In the case where one seeks to acquire a business, the current business owner might hide some negative information from the foreign buyer. These experts can be able to find out this information and let you know beforehand.

A professional business plan then helps you come up with possible ways of dealing with challenges when in operation. They carry out in-depth research that may supplement the information you already have. Involve the professionals to make the experience of getting UK Tier 1 visa simple and a success.

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Your Guide to uk Business

Business planning for UK Innovator Visas

For individuals with cash reserves, migrating to the UK is easier through the Tier 1 Visa as an innovator or investor. There are many requirements for the Tier 1 application and many of these you or your solicitor will be able to do yourselves. One requirement that you may need help with is your business plan, a requirement for all Tier 1 application.

The visa business plan is requested to show that you have done market research into the sector you are interesting in working in and to show that your finances have been prepared professionally to take into account factors like VAT, NI, cashflow and break even points.

Basically, the home office wants to see that you know your industry, and that you're going to be able to live from the your business.

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The key points we'll highlight in your business plan. 

  • UK tier 1 VISA (Innovator) Compliancy

    We have years of experience in building business plans for entrance into the uk through this innovator visa programme and understand the requirements set by the home office. We go to regular training seminers and keep up to date on the forever changing requirements to make sure that every plan that leaves us is 100% compliant.

  • Financially viable

    PlanWriters goal is always to create financially viable business plans, no matter whether this is for a visa plan or a uk national looking to get a bank loan. We take quality seriously regardless of motive. Business plans written for visa entry are especially important in this respect as not only do you need to show growth, but you need to evidence that you require the full £200k to start your business.

  • Full UK Market research

    PlanWriter has access to leading reports. That, coupled with our experience in having written thousands of plans for UK companies over the last 10 years, makes us the perfect partner for researching and writing market research that works for your business and proves it's UK viability.

Three business Visas to make the UK your home

  • Sole Rep Visa

    PlanWriter are experienced in writing business plans specifically for the sole rep Visa. If you are coming to the UK through this route and require a business plan we'll be happy to work with you to assist either directly or through your immmigration solicitor.

  • Turkish Business Person Visa

    Turkish citizens looking to start or expand their business in the UK have a very different set of requirements but a business plan is still one of them. We can work with you from start to finish and ensure your business plan is compliant and viable.

  • UK Innovator VISA

    Our most popular visa business plan package is for the Tier 1 Innovator route. As described above in the majority of our context. We have an unbeatable track record in successful business plans for this business visa.