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CrowdFunding This Week

by PlanWriter | on December 25th, 2014

We bring you top crowd funding news from around the world every week. In this week’s round up, we share some amazing successes and some heartbreaking failures in crowd funding stories from Canada to Gaza to Bristol.


The Wave Bristol Announces Surpassing Crowd Funding Campaign


The Wave: Bristol is a new project to be set up on the greenbelt land in Almondsbury, outside Easter Compton. The project recently started a crowd funding campaign to raise an amount of £150,000 to create a man-made surfing lake, suitable for both beginners and professionals, near Bristol.


The project has already surpassed its target of £150,000 and there is still almost a week left for the campaign to run. The Project co-founder, Nick Hounsfield, commented that his team would make this project a legacy to be proud of.


He also announced that the team would keep pushing to raise as much money as possible from the crowd funding campaign to have greater impact. The South Gloucestershire council passed the plans in June this year. The project will also have a campsite, a natural swimming lake and surf shops.


Crowd Funding Boosts Growth Rate of Canadian Start Ups

There was a time when crowd funding was the domain of tinkerers and hobbyists but in the past few years, it has become a real growth strategy for small companies with big ideas.


In 2014, three small Canadian companies managed to raise more than $3 million through crowd funding platforms. These companies went on relative obscurity to become some of the most successful crowd funding stories.


Mass Fidelity raised close to $1.3 million to bring their high fidelity wireless speakers to reality. They were looking to raise only $55,000. The company says that the enormous publicity and access to these funds has made it possible for them to achieve a lot more in a short period of time.


Plexidrone raised $1.17 million after targeting to raise just $115,000. Vanhawks Valour raised more than $820,000 to create smart bikes that offer digital trips tracking, blind spot detection and turn-by-turn navigation. It’s clear to see that a good business plan will ensure crowdfunding success and we’re pleased to hear of small companies thriving!


Crowd Funding Keeps The Gaza Tech Hub Doors Open

The Gaza Sky Geeks recently announced successful raising of over $70,000 on the crowd-funding platform, Indiegogo. The crowd funding campaign was for keeping the gates of the shared workspace in the Gaza city open.


The program was started three years ago with a donation from However, the grant ran out during the summer months this year and with no funds, the Gaza sky geeks would have been forced to close its doors. The only tech incubator in Gaza has now extended the campaign to raise $250,000. It will help them keep open their doors through next year.

A New Crowd Funding Platform, CrowdedRocket, Launched


CrowdedRocket, a crowd funding platform with a difference has been launched. It is very different from the other crowd funding platforms at it focuses only on start-ups. The platform will help in fulfilling only non-product related gifts to avoid frauds.


The team behind the platform will actively help the startups on this platform to run a successful campaign. Almost all of the other platforms in the crowd funding space have a do-it-yourself approach for companies looking to raise money through crowd funding.


It has already launched a few products. One of the first products being launched in the other platform is a smart digital mood ring, labelled Moodmetric. The company behind the product says that this ring will help in facilitating meditation and in developing emotional intelligence. There are other some very exciting products launched on the platform such as a universal media streamer and an automatic basketball shot tracking system.


Lincoln Boole Foundation Appeals For Design Ideas For Memorial Ahead of Crowd Funding Bid


The Lincoln Boole foundation has recently started an international competition wherein it is asking people to submit design ideas for the memorial of the Victorian mathematician, George Boole.


The Boolean logic is the foundation of the computers and mobile phones that have become so ubiquitous today. Even this very computer that you are using to read this article would not have been possible without the use of Boolean logic. The system of AND, OR and NOT gates is used to perform fast calculations in computer chips.


The co-director of the Lincoln Boole foundation, Dave Kenyon, commented that it is important for the work of George Boole to be recognised. He also mentioned that the Victorian mathematician was not as well known as other mathematicians of the era.


The foundation said that it hopes to finalise a design for the memorial by November 2015. The year 2015 will also mark 200 years after Boole was born.


Cancer Research UK Fails To Raise Funds Through Crowd Funding


Cancer Research UK’s maiden effort to raise funds through crowd funding came a cropper last week. The Cancer research focused charity had launched three campaigns on the crowd-funding platform Indiegogo to raise a potential £190,000.


However, the charity managed to raise less than £13,000 across all the three campaigns together and only 338 donors made a pledge for the projects. This skin cancer project and the lung cancer project had a campaign goal of £75,000 each whereas the immune system project had a campaign goal of raising £40,000.


Kids Company get their funding right

In other news, Kids company, a charity that provides hot meals, games and presents to the disadvantaged children and their families announced that it has successfully raised three quarters of the £100,000 goal, it sought using crowd funding for its community Christmas party.


The charity announced in the recent past that it would have to face closure if it is not able to raise new funds as the government funding of £4.5 million runs out next year.


Crowd Funding Campaign Successfully Raises Close to Half a Million for Family of Plane Crash Victims


Recently, the news was awash with the tragic death of Marie Gemmell and her two sons when a business jet crashed into their home in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Three people travelling in the jet were also killed in the crash.


A campaign to help the family that has Gemmell’s husband, Ken, and their daughter, Arabelle, was started by Jenifer Miller. The crowd funding campaign on the platform, GoFundMe, has managed to raise more than $460,000 so far.


These are the top crowd funding stories from around the globe this week. We look forward to bringing you more news into 2015 and beyond, so stay tuned!